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Special note April 2016. I ask you to please step up to the plate to help Save KPLU. If you're not aware, Univ. of Wash is planning to buy KPLU from Pacific Luthern Univ. and change it's format. Even with repeated prompting, they have not stated if they'll be continuing Ken's show. For this reason alone, I am actively pulling together the few extra pennies I can spare in order to help KPLU buy their independence, which would ensure the continuation of this program. Please consider joining those of us who don't want to lose The Art of Jazz. Click on the SaveKPLU link for the details - and thank you!

Special note April 2018. This note is a year and a half late, but we did indeed save KPLU, it's now KNKX. Thank you to all who helped make this happen!

[Written 2015] I'd like to take a moment to explain this website.

I am just another Seattle area listener of KPLU FM. I detest the commercial part of commercial radio, and discovered public radio in the early 1980's. I became a KPLU fan about this time, and eventually became a contributing listener. The reason I became a contributing listener you ask? Simple answer: Ken Wiley.

Ken's show is like a weekly college course in the history of jazz. Yet if you don't want the college credits, you will still enjoy it by just paying attention to the music. The breadth and richness of the jazz world is brought to you with Ken's insights. At each KPLU Pledge Drive, I look at it this way: is it worth one dollar each week to listen to Ken Wiley? Talk about a "no-brainer" -- of course it is! If I have any money to my name at all, I pledge $50/yr just for the privilege of listening to Ken's show.

I've been recording Ken's show since 2004. I originally started doing this simply to time-delay the show to a better time for me, I'm always too busy on a Sunday afternoon to be at the radio. Eventually I realized that this show was a treasure trove, not to be lost, and am instead now dedicated to preserving it.

I've done my best to keep up with the technology changes, but you'll find occasional missing or incomplete shows, even just things like power outages occasionally prevented me from recording. Another example issue was that at some point the stream turned mono - nothing I can do about this. Please spend a few minutes and read the podcast history.

And what it's all about -- click here for the Ken Wiley Art of Jazz podcast .rss page. Please note that this page is organized in reverse order -- newest on top, so as to make it easier for the returning visitor to access the latest. You'll also find a crude episode list at Text format episode list.

Please also note that in July-2009 I created a Fan page for Ken Wiley's show on FaceBook. I did this specifically to prevent someone else from doing "cybersquatting" and usurping a page rightfully his. As far as I know, he has never seen this page. At some point in the last few years I believe Ken mentioned on the show that he does not have a computer of his own, though I've never heard him mention FaceBook. He did once mention an email address, but I tried it and it didn't work. My point is that as far as I can tell, he does not do email/facebook/etc. If you are in contact with him this way, please let me know so I can get him into his fan page!

[Apr-2018], there seems to be a KenWiley.com that is associated with a musician (jazz french horn player!) of this same name - that website is not related to the KNKX purveyor of The Art Of Jazz.

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