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    This farm was established by Akio Suyematsu, who is a 2nd generation Japanese American. Born in 1921, Akio is still farming today. Akio is an "old school" farmer -- he does not even own a computer.

    Akio's family has been farming on the Day Road property since 1928. A rare story in American history, the Suyamatsu family was interned in the war, but regained their land upon their release from Manzanar.

    A portion of the farm was sold to Gerard Bentryn of Bainbridge Island Vineyard and Winery in 1981. Most of the property where the farm stand sits has since been sold by Akio and Gerard to the City of Bainbridge Island, where it is now reservered for agricultural use in perpetuity.

    Since the late 2000's, several local farms have joined forces with Akio to provide additional local products outside of Akio's production season. Akio now focuses on raspberries and pumpkins, with other farmers providing many crafts, corn, strawberries, greens, trees.

    Akio is notoriously shy, so there's not much in print about him. However, here are some web articles on Akio and his farm:
    Bainbridge Island Review: Akio Suyematsu honored by Friends of the Farms
    Perennial Vintners: Ichigo
    Photo: Dennis Anstine/Bainbridge Island Review

    Note: Akio Passwed away 31-July-2012. Obituary at Cook Family Funeral Home.

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